The proud faces of Education In Transition


Jana van den Bergen

As the co-founder of EiT and an international business administration and fashion graduate, jana is our energetic, inspiring and enthusiastic change advocate. With her passion and determination she aims to engage as many stakeholders as possible with the transition of education.


Almar Bok

Almar co-found EiT as a University College student and now pursues an Msc in Global Business & Sustainability. He is the creative mind behind the Teach-Ins and is closely connected to the Community for Learning and Innovation. His international experience in teaching and innovation and critical eye blend together perfectly with the efforts of Education in Transition.


Zina Burgers

As an educational scientist student she is our expert on implementing our ideas in the curricula. She wants to enhace the creative and critical thinking skills of students for a sustainable world. Zina is the future rector magnificus of Erasmus University and organizes the first ever Hackaton in 2019.


Samantha Vos

Samantha is a University College graduate and a she is responsible for finding new and more sustainable ways for students to learn. She wants to help discover new methods of learning that enhance critical thinking, creativity, and 21st century skills.


Hannah Galster

A recent Psychology graduate and always looking for ways to improve performance in learning and personal development. Works on various projects with BlueCity010 and oversees the quality we promise to deliver.


Simon Schneider

Our creative director whose eye for aesthetics alwasy balances on the right amount of edge and approachability.