Our Inspiration

The following people, initiatives, organisations and research inspires and motivates us to continue fighting for a sustainable higher education worldwide.


Ken Robinson

We love Ken Robinson because he explains and shows how schools nowadays work (and don't work) and how we can change it. We believe that creative thinking is one of the key elements to create a sutainable world and should therefore be incorporated in every curriculum. This most viewed tedtalk ever is a must if you're interested in changing curricula and creative thinking skills. 

If you're interested in this topic we highly recommend his books.


Kate Raworth - Doughnut Economy

Oxford economist Kate Raworth shows a new economic way of thinking where we take the planetary boundaries (Johan Rockström) and the social foundation into account. Her tedtalk (on the left) is amazing as well as her website. 


Johan Rockström - planetary boundaries

Johan Rockström gives us a visual tool to see the current state of the planet on different themes. We should stay within the 'green zone' if we want to keep this earth healthy and ourselves happy. This is knowledge we believe every student should have to make informed choices as future leaders. The tedtalk on the left explains more in depth about this. 


Education in Transition - own video